I Love Collecting Souvenirs

In the previous post, I’ve shared about my postcards collection. Now, I will share my souvenirs collection. I got them all from my friends. They gave me a souvenir from where they’re from and go. I always save well the souvenir that people gave to me. Even I have key chain from my uncle when e visited New York. It’s about 13 years already. So, these are my collections.


I really love to collect water ball or snow globes also. I only have 4 of them right now. Hopefully, I can collect lots of them later.


Last time, when my friend from China, Ada visited me I got a beautiful bag with traditional Chinese puppets on it. She gave me earrings also. They’re lovely. Then showed to Ada all souvenirs that I have when I put the souvenir from her in my souvenir box. She’s surprised that I saved all of them and she promised me to send a postcard from China. But, she did not send me one until now. Maybe she lost my address. Even, she gave me money from China and Macau. She said, “I want you to save it and this is for appreciating your nice way in saving the souvenirs. Ha Ha Ha


I got omamori also from my friend who visited Japan 3 years ago. I got two of them, the left one is omamori for luck and the other one is omamori for love.


I got a Philippine coin from a friend in my Uni.  He has visited Philippine for studying there. Then he gave two coins for me and for my best friend who is his close friend also. He said, “save this coin! When you graduate from the uni, you can show this coin to me or you can give it back”. Unfortunately, we don’t know where is he now. He stopped studying at the Uni.


When I meet my friends someday, I will show them that I have saved the souvenirs they gave to me. Even I want to show them to my kids in the future. Each souvenir has a story, so at least I have story that I can tell to my grandchildren also. Ha Ha Ha


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  1. That’s pretty impressive. But will you be able to save it all? I haven’t even saved all from the trips I’ve made… there just isn’t enough space for everything. Nowadays i rather try to buy something I need and can use. The only souvenir I’ve kept is a shell from the camino de Santiago. And photoes and memories, of course😊

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    • Thanks!
      You must be having a bunch of collection. I’m still collecting them. I hope I will find an idea what can I do. I didn’t buy the souvenirs by myself. Friends gave them to me and the souvenirs have stories. Maybe there will be an idea about what can I do with all of them in the future before it’s getting full in my room. Yeah agree, photos and memories are valuable. 🙂

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  2. Hendi Setiyanto 18 May 2017 — 5:25 pm

    souvenir dari ukuran kecil hingga besar, dari gelas-gelasan, magnet kulkas, kartu pos dll aku taruh jadi satu di dalam lemari khusus, sebagian besar sih souvenir saat menghadiri pernikahan, sisanya ya dikasih teman saat ke luar negeri : )

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  3. I like collecting souvenirs too, Safira.

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  4. Lovely souvenirs✨ I love snow globes💙

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  5. Nice collection! Wonderful hobby!

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  6. Love those globes. Do they play tunes?

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  7. I also love the idea that each one of these things has a story. I hardly ever buy anything when we travel. I have to carry it all and also we’ve no house to put anything in. But I have the idea of making a world tree – sort of like a Christmas tree but something that’s there all the time, with tiny souvenirs that can hang from it’s branches and bring back memories for me. I have a couple of omamori from this trip for it. Eventually we just have to get a place to live and the ‘tree’!! It would be great if you can come up with an idea that would let you display your collection

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