Umbrella Festival in Solo, Central Java

Last year, my sister took me to the Umbrella Festival in Solo, Central Java. She is a journalist so she will report the festival in her media she works. I always enjoy any festival. That is why I was very enthusiastic to join her. This festival is held annually every September. There will be so many kind of umbrellas both from other cities or countries. I like to see the installation where the people hanged the umbrella on the trees. It looks very nice and colorful.





There were some counters for umbrella based on the team and city. There were shop, photo booths and also workshop counter. That is very good idea because it can be attraction for the visitors.



The most interesting in the festival last year was that a knitting group tried to make a knitting giant umbrella. The lady who made that told us the umbrella is already sold out by a person from Germany.




I love the knitting counter because I can took pictures between the beautiful knitting umbrellas there. I only need to pay how much I want for appreciating the effort on making the umbrellas.



There was a competition in decorating umbrellas also who were followed by the schools in Solo. I really enjoyed the festival but unfortunately I couldn’t watch the dancing performance because it would be at night and I had to go home before it started. That is sad but I could still enjoy it from the you tube video.


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  1. That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing. 😎 I’ve visited Solo several years ago. I recall the food is really good there. 😊

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  2. A dreamlike umbrella festival is wonderful.

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  3. Beautiful!:) Thanks for sharing:)

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  4. It’s a wonderful post and such lovely pictures. So joyful.

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  5. Wow, very interesting Safira. Very colorful… πŸ‘

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  6. Very nice post and wonderful images. Thank you

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  7. Wow! so colorful and beautiful! Lovely pictures!

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  8. Oh! So many beautiful umbrellas! I did not know you could knit an umbrella! Thank you Safira for posting this charming blog!

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  9. A very beautiful and creative festival. Thank you!

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  10. Dazzling Colours!!!!

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  11. Wow! They’re so beautiful! Great pictures, thanks for sharing them!

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  12. It would have been nice to attend the umbrella festival.

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  13. Beautiful! What time of year does it happen?

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  14. Do you know that payong is a Pilipino word for umbrella

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  15. Wawww … amazing !!! πŸ™‚

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  16. grevisangel73 27 May 2017 — 12:17 pm

    Such a colorful and celebratory culture. Looks like a good time was had by all.

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