Lokananta, The Witness of Music Industry In Indonesia

Few months ago, my sister took me to the recording house in Solo. She wants to make a report about the recording place for her media she works. I accompanied her and I wants to make an article for my media I work but maybe it’s not popular for teenagers in Indonesia. Actually, this is the important part as we need to show them about our historical stories and places. So, I prefer to post it here. Enjoy my story visiting first recording museum in Indonesia.


Located in the heart of Surakarta or known as Solo city in Central Java, Lokananta the first Indonesia’s music recording industry is looked empty and not so many people visit it. Meanwhile, it is a heritage for Indonesia who saved thousand memories of music development such as Gesang the Bengawan Solo singer, and Waldjinah the legend of Walang Kekek song.


From the outside of the Lokananta area, it has large parking area with some nice trees around. Then walking through the lobby, we were waiting for the Lokananta guide who will show us around this heritage. First room, we visited some old recorders machine which are still in good conditions. Even you can see some pictures of the people who were working for Lokananta for long time ago. The next room we visit was a gamelan instrument room. So, the gamelan is brought from Yogyakarta palace to Solo and they were set up in Lokananta for any recording need.



Looking at the building around, it seems well maintained but unfortunately not many people visit this heritage. For the third room, we visited thousand cassettes which are still good. There are some icon of Lokananta put on in front part of the shelves such as Waldjinah with Entit song.



After visiting the third room, we were heading to the recording room. This room is very legend as there is the biggest recording machine which is only found two machines in the world; one is in London and the other one is in Lokananta. There is a large area with almost the same size with basketball court and this area is for the singer or group who did recording.



In the room music copying process, we met the guy who is working for copying the music into the cassette in his room. He explained about the recording music process until it will be ready to sell. The last place we visited was the field that ever used as a futsal place for Lokananta’s additional income. But then it is changed and it is used for putting some copying machines. We end up at shop where we can buy some CD’s from Lokananta especially for gamelan music instruments and some pop music that was recorded in Lokananta.



That would be nice to have Lokananta exists with a heritage cafe style in it. So, it can be one of the ideas to attract people visiting Lokananta and respecting this legend of Indonesia’s music industry.


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  1. Hiya Safira > Big thanks for dropping by my blog and following. I’m max busy but still love coming into WP space. Love your blog > definitely has the wow factor. I really must come and check Indo out sometime. Hope you are having a good weekend 🙂

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  2. beautiful
    excursion 🙂

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  3. You take us to such interesting places. My visits to Indonesia were mostly to Jakarta, Bandung and Manado as I recall.

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    • Good to know about that!
      You should visit more places in Indonesia. Jakarta, Bandung and Manado are big cities in Indonesia which have their own uniqueness. Yogyakarta and Solo also have their own uniqueness as they are a city with full of wonderful art and culture.

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  4. Interesting perspective on your country’s audio industry. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog. I know I will enjoy checking out your travel posts as well.

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