Ceremony: Cleaning Borobudur Temple

Last year, My sister and I attended a ceremony at Borobudur Temple. The ceremony is held for cleaning the temple. Cleaning here not only means cleaning the rubbish but also cleaning in sacred way or by using spiritual belief and tradition. There was also a festival during the ceremony. These photos are taken by my sister as she is the one who brought the camera.

Participants with their traditional costumes
Topeng Ireng (Black Mask) Team
On the truck

That was the first time my sister visited Borobudur and I took her as she asked to accompany her in making report for her job. I was visiting Borobudur Temple many time because I was used to be a tour guide for some tourists in Yogyakarta also taking some friends. The green installation from the leaves are the sign that there is a ceremony or big event in that place.

Me and the installation
Putting on makeup

The ceremony is begin with a parade and then continued with some performances such as traditional dances, and speech. The ceremony is also attended by the government and ministry education and culture. I was there to accompany my sister and worked for the media where I worked. I saw many interesting participants with traditional costumes.

Me and my job
dancer costume

There was a funny thing, when I sat on the grass. Suddenly there were two guys look like journalist asking me, “Are you Topeng Ireng (Black Mask) team?” Ha Ha Ha… I was laughing and asking back. “Am I look like Topeng Ireng?” They replied, “Ouh! So, you are not Topeng Ireng team? Sorry, we thought you’re the participant”. My sister added, “Ha Ha Ha… Your face looks like artist who is ready to perform. That’s why they thought you’re one of the participant. I knew it’s because of the eye liner that’s still left on my eyes because of the performance that I attended at the night before and I was wearing black T-shirt.

Helping friend
Ready for the parade
Tuyul (a figure in myth that is worked to steal money)
Wearing costume

I’m glad to see people in traditional costumes. Some of them are dancers, making parody and musicians. I also appreciate their willingness to join in the ceremony without getting payment. That’s what I always love from the people in this country; they love to help people and helping each other.


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  1. Amazing costumes! I’ve visited Borobudur 3 times. I never get tired of seeing this magnificent temple. Glad to see it’s being kept clean. 😎

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  2. Wow! I dream of visiting Borobudur once! Beautiful pictures! Your article inspires me!

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  3. So beautiful! Everything is just so colourful!

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  4. I love reading your blog. I am learning so much!

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  5. Thank you very much! I really appreciate your kindness choosing me as sunshine blogger. 🙂


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