Breksi The Brown Canyon Story, Dancing In The Wind

Tebing Breksi is one of new tourist attraction in Yogyakarta. It is not very far from Prambanan Temple. My friends and I went there for photo sessions and dancing. If we want to use the area for photo session, we need to pay for the retribution. If we only want to visit, we just need to pay less than 5 cent. It is very cheap, isn’t it?

Me in Levitation
My photo session

These photos are taken by my photographer friend. We did some photo sessions for our portfolio and also dancing just for entertaining ourselves.  It should be not allowed to be there until evening. But we were only take the dark sky as our background and then we finished it.

Dancing pose

Tebing Breksi was used as a mining site, but then the government stopped the activities. The function is changed into a tourist attraction so the locals will still get money from it. If you love nature and great view mix with wonderful art, Yogyakarta is the right place to visit. I hope you checked the video that I put on the link above. So, you can see and enjoy how beautiful it is.

Friends in performance
Other friends
Yogyakarta Art Festival 28
Dancing group
Performance end

Tebing Breksi was used for many times for festival and art performances. I have attended one of them; Yogyakarta Art Festival 28. These are some photos that I’ve taken from the performance. Sorry that they’re not well captured.



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  1. Beautiful, both the photos and the dancers.
    Have a great day.

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  2. Amazing photography Safira! 😎

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  3. This looks like a great time! I really loved those pictures of you!

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  4. Hope you had a wonderful time!

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  5. I’m really enjoying your pictures, they are beautiful!

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  6. Would the dance performances at the end of the post have the gamelan playing? I loved the gamelan when i was there. Louise

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  7. Magnifique !

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  8. Thanks for the follow! Love the dance photos!

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  9. The photos are beautiful.

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  10. Absolutely interesting and beautiful! Keep on the good work!

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