Great Pictures at Prambanan Temple From My Friend Karina

It was two years ago I met my friend Karina from Austria. Actually, we didn’t know each other. So, the story is begin when my tour guide friend in Probolinggo called Khas contacted me. “He told me there will be a girl who will visit Yogyakarta”. He asked Karina to meet me and he gave my number to her. Karina texted me when she was in Karimun Java Island. She would be heading to Yogyakarta and asking where we could meet. I told her to meet up in front the big supermarket near my boarding house. I’ve told Karina to wait me just about 5 minutes if she is arrived and I would come by bringing helmet for her.

Sorry for this photo quality
We visited Prambanan Temple

Finally, she is arrived in front of the Supermarket. She was with a couple in the car. So, the couple gave free ride for Karina from Karimun Java to Yogyakarta. Waow!!! How lucky she is! After talking a little bit with the couple, we went to my boarding house. I took her go around Yogya and visiting some places. We’re visiting Water castle and Prambanan Temple together.

We’re at Water Castle

Unfortunately, I was a bit busy with teaching activities and applying some jobs. Even in two days, I would go to Bali for accompanying my boyfriend opening his company. I was sad that I couldn’t have longer time with Karina. I decided to lend my motorbike for her and let her stay at my boarding house until when she wanted to go. During our time together, Karina took many great pictures. She was also accompanying me attending job interview before I leave and she took me to the airport.

Me in frame
Me again
Inside the temple

Aftet that, Karina was staying in Bali for about 6 months if I’m not mistaken. At that time, my boyfriend wanted to go camping in Sumba so we need to transit in Bali first. Bad that we missed our flight! So, we decided to stay in Bali one more night. I was thinking to contact Karina to know if we can meet up. Then Karina told me a place where she would go tonight. It’s a cool cafe around South Kuta.

Taking a break
In front of Ganesh
It should be levitation

I saw her again!!!!! I saw her sitting with two friends. They’re students exchange from Germany. Karina’s mum also joined in the cafe. We’re talking a lot. I was very happy to meet up again with Karina. She has so many fans in the cafe. Ha Ha Ha… What an adorable and lucky girl! So, that is the week where Karina would go back to Austria. She texted me when she would go back. We took a picture together there although a bit blur because we laughed a lot. She lifted me when we say good bye. Hopefully we can meet again someday in somewhere and in your hometown. Thank you for the great pictures. It’s great to meet you Karina! 🙂



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  1. This is such a beautiful temple!

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  2. Wow great post and lovely pictures!

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  3. This is a nice post. Thank you for your pictures. Looks all beautiful.

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  4. Just stopped by to thank you for your recent follow on Shift Key and peruse your site. Excellent! I felt like I was there at the Temple with you and your friend. Fun. Thank you so much.

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  5. I appreciate you are following my blog, I did the same for you.

    You have so great and powerful topics.

    I tried to follow on your Facebook, but it was not working!!

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  6. Gorgeous pictures. It’s always good to meet new people and make meaningful relationships to add spice to life.

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