Cantrik On Stage, Yogyakarta Art Festival 28th

Yogyakarta, a city which is full of wonderful art and culture. There are hundred festivals that you can watch in Yogyakarta. Even sometimes you would be confused by the performances because of they are performed at the same time but different places. This is the reason why I always miss Yogyakarta when I’m far away. That is also the reason why I love Bali. Do you know that many of the festivals are free? You don’t need to pay, you just need to come and give your appreciation.

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Sinden (singer between gamelan music)

Last year, I had a chance to attend the annual festival called Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta ke-28 (Yogyakarta Art Festival 28th). It was wonderful as you will see so many great artists and art. Even you can be so close with people and the culture. There will be workshops that you can join. Everything are great! You don’t need to pay, you can taste many various food and snacks in the festival. The festival is held about for a month.


This time, I attended the closing day because there would be my friends’ students performing in the festival. I’m learning a bit about photography so I’m also interested in taking pictures of them. I was also enjoying the kids’s performance. It’s called with Cantrik. In Wayang or Puppet story, Cantrik is student who studying with the great guru. They will not only study but also they will get certain tasks from the great guru.


It’s exciting to watch the kids dancing in the traditional costumes and interesting history. They’re accompanied by the gamelan instruments. My friend taught them very well. This kids have represented Yogyakarta for some events in other cities. They’re interviewed by the very talented hosts. Actually their talks were funny but unfortunately they’re talking in Javanese language, so if it’s translated into Bahasa or other language, it would not funny anymore. Ha Ha Ha…


If you want to see festival or performance in Yogyakarta, that would be nicer if you have someone who can explain to you what is it about. I took many of friends to watch art performance or festival. I would love to explain them and sometimes I would introduce them to the performers if I knew the people who did performance. Ha Ha Ha…


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