Jogja Writers Club, One of My Favorite Clubs

Writers Club is an idea from my friend Sophia. She is the one who has this very good idea as we love writing. So, I’m excited to join in this club. I got some new friends. We would choose a new place like a cafe to do the writers club. Our activities are writing, talking, reading, sharing about books and sharing about ideas in writing.

writer club 4
Souvenirs from Sophia
Writers club1
Sophia in a picture, by my student
writers club2
Sophia in the picture and sweet red velvet

We would be accompanied by our favorite drinks. Sometimes we bought snacks or food that we could eat after writing. Mostly we would be having a chat about many things. LOL But I have enjoyed this writers club coz we had friends who did writing in front of us that we can ask for some suggestions or ideas. We also shared information about writing jobs, and writing competitions. The writing activity would be more fun. Hopefully we can do writing clubs again!

writers club3
Four of us: Asiya, Me, Sophia and Fitria
Writers club6
Actually we still have one more member!


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  1. Writers club, how fun! What’s that red drink? Looks yummy

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  2. Love the koala bear! ^_^


  3. Sounds like a great idea. I’d love to find a Writer’s club round where I live but alas we all live too far away from each other. Besides – too busy writing! šŸ˜€

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