My Experience in Dancing Condong

Condong is one of Balinese Traditional dances and it is actually part of Legong Dance which is usually danced in almost 25 minutes. It belongs to classic dance and it was performed in the palace. At the first time, Legong had to be danced by teenage dancers who hasn’t had menstruation. Legong is consisted of 2 dancers and additional dancer called condong. The dance tells about the situation in a palace between the king, the queen and the servant. In the Legong dance, there will be a war between the king and an eagle.

Legong Dance in Indonesian Money
Me feels like in the Indonesian Money
Opening position
This is me in one of Mendak position


This time, I have chance to dance Condong, so it’s only about 8 minutes not until 30 minutes. I really love Balinese dances, so I’m very excited to do the performance and wearing the costume although it’s very tight and it makes you work hard to move. It makes me sweating a lot. LOL


The things that make Condong dance more difficult for me is that we need to tighten our arms in a position which I have showed you through pictures. We need to do mendak also which means we need to half sitting and it is more mendak in this dance than the other dances.


I dream to dance abroad and I hope I can dance Condong in any performances abroad someday, so people can be closer with Indonesian art and culture. I took 6 months to learn this dance, actually I have learned it in 4 months before but I haven’t finished it so I did learning again with my lovely dancing teachers.

Note: These photos of the dance are taken my photographer friend Lui and the makeup by my dancing teacher Niluh.


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  1. You look fantastic! Balinese dancing is very beautiful. Louise

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  2. It is a beautiful dance, very colorful and very significant by these codes. And ancestral, if I’m not mistaken.

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  3. Very interesting! And the costume is beautiful.

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  4. The costume is so colourful and hope you enjoyed the dance performance 😊

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  5. Isn’t this in the YouTube ?
    I want see how the movement syncronized with music.

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  6. Interesting and beautiful ! 😉

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  7. You are simply gorgeous, and the dance moves are beautiful and so complex!

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  8. You should upload some videos of your dancing – I’d love to see you in action 🙂

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