Wonderful of Jatayu in Solo Batik Carnival X

Jatayu is known as a protagonist figure (a noble bird) in Ramayana Story. He belongs to eagle and he is the youngest son of Aruna. Jatayu is the symbol of true friendship, loyalty and sacrifice. It is also becoming an Icon in the carnival.


In the story of Ramayana, Jatayu met Giant Rahwana who kidnapped Princess Shinta. Then he fought the giant to help Princess Shinta as she is the daughter of his friend. Unfortunately Jatayu died in fighting the giant Rahwana. He has important thing in the story of Ramayana as the symbol of sacrifice, and loyalty. I am fans of Jatayu.


That is why I make Jatayu pictures and story in different post. We proud of a figure Jatayu. It belongs to the Astamurti Kawijayan (The Glory of Javanese Culture). For me, in the figure it represents our hope that people can be like him (Jatayu) who has noble characters.


I hope you enjoy looking at the Jatayu costumes in this post. 🙂


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  1. like it

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  2. Beautiful pictures.

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  3. Awesome. Beautiful pictures too.

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  4. sangat indah, seperti sang jatayu ini, bagaimana kita berproses untuk membuat sbuah karya yg dapat dinikmati dan mempunyai nilai filosofi di masyarakat, sang jatayu inilah sbg pembuka defile dri astamurti kawijayan, sy jg sangat jatuh hati pada defile ini. trima kasih smua tman2 seperjuangan di sbc10. #leaderjatayu.

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