The Story of My Dad Who Dedicates Himself For Environment

My dad is retired from civil officer, a person who works for government. He has a high position in his working place before but he doesn’t like to do corruption. He is very happy when he can retire so he can relax and do other works. He tried lots of things such as making bio oil from wild plants, and farming. He has a mini silk factory at home before. He takes care of the silk caterpillar until the process of painting the batik on the silk with his friend and my mom. Now he is working and active for rubbish bank.

My dad


That is him, using mattock to dig a pool for fish. He works with only few people, his team. Every morning, he comes to this place located south of our village. He will come early and do some works first before his friends. He wants to motivate his team to work harder.

Pak RT, My dad’s team
paddy field
view from my village
The road south of my village

My dad has a dream that he can clean the environment and make the river clean again. He starts it from his own place where he lives and by himself. He joins in a group of Rubbish Bank. It takes care of the rubbish in our village. So, people will send their rubbish in different types. Then the Rubbish bank team will do some works such as selling the rubbish that can be recycled. They also made the household rubbish as fertilizer for organic plants. So, they also sell the fertilizers to farmers or sometimes people will use their own household rubbish. The team made a tool to process the fertilizer and provide them to the families in our village. The people will get the money once in a year or depends on how many times in a year. That’s brilliant idea! My dad is very active in it. He helps and works a lot.


The rubbish bank team and the teenagers in my village make a business. It’s a small warung or angkringan or what we call with HIK [hik] in my hometown. It is a place where we can buy rice with a small fish in a package and other snacks, plus the drink likes ginger tea, hot tea, or ginger milk. They also made fish pond for fishing. People will pay for an hour or two hours to do fishing and if they get the fish, they can bring it home.


Traditional farmer
My village

They make the business for earning money in order to maintain the rubbish bank. It sounds great. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run well because we lack of diligent or good human resources. They’re always thinking differently, I mean often talking about small things like they thing the business will be only used by my dad. It’s common here, where we want to help or to do some good things. People will think negatively.

The pond


Now the warung is rented to one of our neighbors. It’s better so the renting money can be used by Rubbish bank. During maintaining the rubbish bank, my dad cleans the environment around our village especially for the river. He wants to clean the river as he has a dream to make the river clean and clear like he has seen before when he was a kid. He is also an initiator for water pump by using liquid propane gas. So, the farmer can save the budget about 50% to maintain their farming field. It’s good idea for irrigation.


The river is getting better now than before. It was very disgusting with lots of rubbish there. People always throw his rubbish to the river. But now, it changes. They send the rubbish to the rubbish bank. So, our environment is saved from rubbish.

The warung or HIK
View from my village

That is a view of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu or the twin mountain view from my village. I’m happy if my village is clean and healthy. I’m very proud of my dad who works hard to give example for the people around him. He becomes an advisor for some environment activities. I hope our government will help him someday to spread his goals to make Indonesia green and clean from rubbish.


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  1. This was lovely to read. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This is a wonderful job that he has taken up. Good to read about it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. salut buat bapaknya. Lho mbak safira rumahnya di mana?

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  4. Wow ! What a great guy, doing such a great job !

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  5. How commendable. Your father is a great men and people should know more about his benevolent deeds. I personally hold lot of respect for people who think so much about the environment. Thankyou for sharing this beautiful story of yours. ✌️

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  6. Your father is such an amazing person.
    Great post.

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  7. He has done a marvelous work..and thanks for sharing this with us πŸ™‚

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  8. Hi Safira,

    your father has a very noble goal and I am sure he will make it .

    Thank you

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  9. Your father is an inspiring example for all of us, wherever we may live, to take a more active role in cleaning up the environment around us. Thank you for sharing his hard work with us today. Blessings!! Virginia πŸ’œπŸ˜ŽπŸ’œ

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  10. You have an awesome dad!

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  11. Your Dad is one amazing dedicated person! I love reading about others who care for the environment and set about change encouraging others to do so!

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    • Thank you natjtan… I’m very proud of him because he starts it from himself and tries to spread it to people around him. I’m also very happy to share this to you all. πŸ™‚


      • You have every reason to be proud. If only more thought like him, the world wouldn’t be in so much of a mess.
        I do what I can to lessen my plastic consumption and care for the planet. It’s hard when the infrastructure for it isn’t get up and you don’t know how to set it up! He’s doing amazing work πŸ™‚

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      • It’s great to know that you tried to lessen the plastic. I did folding the plastics that I found around me, so it will be easier to collect them. I always bring ransel and I put a totebag inside my ransel. So, when I did buying something I can use the totebag to bring the stuff that I bought.

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      • I now always have a cotton tote bag on me! Spain now charges from 2-10c a plastic bag (no charge in clothes shops) which promoted me to always have one rolled up in my bag. Before I used to reuse the plastic bags anyway but now it’s tote bags!

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      • government here is also giving charge for the plastic bag but it’s still very cheap so, people still love buy the plastic bags.

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      • I think that’s the same mentality here. I have noticed most of Inditex stores (Zara, Berskha, etc the worse fast fashion chains) now have paper bags.

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  12. This is such a wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading here today. An you photos tell the story. Well done.

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  13. What a great uplifting post! God bless you and your dad, what a wonderful man. I love reading about your journey.

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  14. Lovely to hear that, I really admire your father’s work, also he deserves all the resppect from all of us around the world! Proud of this kind of people!
    We should pay more attention to the environment too.

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  15. I loved reading this post. You must be proud of your Dad. He is an amazing man.

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  16. Im so proud of him… my pakde😘

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  17. Your village looks very similar to the ones I’ve lived and worked in when I lived in Bangladesh. Lovely to see – I miss Asia so much!

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  18. Your Dad sounds like a very energetic and caring man. I hope he succeeds in cleaning the river.

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