Tari Dolanan at The Opening for Yogyakarta Art Festival 29

July 27 2017, my dancing teacher Niluh invited me to join in the Opening ceremony for Yogyakarta Art Festival 29. It is annual festival held in almost a month. The entrance is free and there will be so many events, performances, workshops and traditional food market.

My teacher invited me to join her group called Artha Dance which performed Tari Dolanan or playing in a dance. That is more interesting with the costumes and makeup called Edan-edanan or being crazy. They walked along the street Malioboro. I should help them for putting on makeup and being one of the crew. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Coz I need to prepare some stuff and packing for the next journey to the South of Yogyakarta.

There were about 30 dancers including kids in the group. The leader name Mbak Made is also joining in the opening. Including my teacher and other teachers. Sad, I couldn’t join. That must be fun! Hopefully I will have chance next year.

I have explained about Edan-edanan dance in a previous post. I also posted the Closing ceremony for Yogyakarta Art Festival 28.

Notes: The pictures are from my dancing teacher Niluh


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  1. Marilah edan-edanan! 🤣

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  2. This looks like a fun dance celebration.

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  3. looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. I continue to marvel at these amazing costumes!

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  5. It is nice to see people having fun, so many colors.

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  6. Looks interesting 😉

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