Enjoying Time by Walking Around The University of Queensland

It’s always nice to visit this uni where you can walk around and enjoy the park. It’s big university with classic building that I like. I met some new friends there and they’re nice. I walked around the uni especially in the building with many pillars there. 

This time I tried to walk from pillar number 1 to the last. Guess how many pillars that you can find in the building? I like to see and to wait for the lights on at the evening. So, I waited there a little bit just to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere there. It’s nice and good to relax after a adventures day. 

The building has 334 pillars! I found beautiful moon from the classic building and I saw a beautiful view of this classic building that I should capture. So, I captured it. 

Thank you for enjoying my journey lovely readers. 😊


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  1. Buy a satnav. You’ll get lost!

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