Visiting Brighton Beach and Interesting Bathing Boxes

I really enjoy my holiday in Melbourne. After sightseeing around the city, hunting snow and walking at the Botanical Garden to see Captain Cook’s house, I did visiting Brighton beach as I have stayed in St. Kilda and it’s close to the Brighton Beach.

One thing that makes me want to go visiting Brighton Beach is because the colorful  bathing boxes on the beach. My boy friend is not someone who interested in taking pictures or something that instagramable. I really appreciate that he wants to accompany me visiting this instagramable spots. Ha Ha

I love the sunny day on the beach, but I’m a bit scared of the news that I read about the insect that bite human’s flesh. But, we saw a boy swimming in the water and he is fine. I love taking pictures of the sparkling water and the bathing boxes.

There is a bathing box with Australian flag but it’s just tiring to wait the line to take a picture there. So, I decided not to take a picture with the box. I did only taking someone’s picture in front of it. Isn’t that interesting to visit Snow place and then sunny beach the next day. That’s what I like from Melbourne.

Thank you for reading my journey!




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  1. Love the colorful houses!!

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  2. Such lovely post and colorful picture! Now I miss beaches and I miss Australia.

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  3. You have such a lovely name!!
    I love it! 😍 ~Anne

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