Street Art Tour In Melbourne City

It’s been so long I didn’t meet my lovely friend that I met in one of Yogyakarta’s dancing schools. I’m very happy to see her again. This time is in her city, Melbourne. See showed me around her city and after visited some places, we decided to make Street Art tour.

Should I mentioned the road? I’m sorry I’m not good in memorizing the name of roads. But I’ll try my best to give you clues. My friend Sophia took me to see the beautiful buildings which is called Nicholas Building and next to it there is a nice cafe area. Then we looked around there where we could see the street arts. We found some then we continued walking and we found more. I didn’t take pictures all of them.

Then we walked next to Flinders Train Station and we across the street walked around ACMI building, then walking a little bit until we found the other street arts.

We saw massive ones!!! I love to see this kind of art. It makes the city more colorful and not monotone. I really appreciate to people who made then also.

As long as it’s on the right wall or places, street art is good. I would love to explore more the street art in this city.


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  1. Mr. Militant Negro 3 Sep 2017 — 9:52 am

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  2. Interesting 😉 I always love Melbourne..

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  3. Some amazing graffiti art there!

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  4. It’s wonderful! I agree with you. I love street art too😊

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  5. The one with the young man carrying a tree is amazing!

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