One Day Tour In St. Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne

I’m very happy that this time, I can have holiday with my friend from the same city in Melbourne. She just arrived few days ago and we went around the city. We took lots of pictures. We’re enjoying our time to have fun together. 

We decided to visit St.Paul’s Cathedral for looking the inside of the cathedral. It looks very beautiful building from outside. We believe it must be more beautiful inside it. We read the announcement there, that we should donate about AUD 5. Then we can take pictures as much as we want. 

We took so many pictures, we’re just loved all of the cathedral parts especially for the tiles. It looks pretty with the light inside the cathedral. I’m happy to see this cathedral. 

Hopefully you’re enjoying all the photos that I have shared in this post. 

Thank you for all my lovely readers! 


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  1. This looks beautiful! I hope I can visit here sometime. 🙂

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  2. It is a lovely church and the tiles are great. Good photos. Louise

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  3. Your photos are beautiful! So many wonderful details. I imagine it was hard to feel like you saw them all. May I ask – What is AUD 5?

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  4. Nice post. Nice pictures.

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  5. Gorgeous photos, Safira!

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  6. This looks beautiful oh my!! X

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  7. Thank you for sharing the experience with us by way of the excellent photos. Looks like it must have been very enjoyable.

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  8. Thank you for following my humble blog. I will enjoy exploring yours with its beautiful photos.

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  9. That is an amazing gothic cathedral. A bit reminiscent of Lincoln Cathedral in England.

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