Glutinous Rice Balls On the Weekend

This weekend, I made a traditional cake that is popular in my country. It’s called with Klepon, it’s glutinous rice balls with brown sugar as the filling. It’s very easy to make and yummy.

Here are some ingredients:

– 350 grams glutinous rice flour

– A bowl of lukewarm water (2 small cups)

– 3 drops of Pandan paste

– 200 grams desiccated coconut

– 7 tsp of brown sugar

– 1,5 tsp of salt

How to make:

– Prepare bowl for mixing the glutinous rice flour and the lukewarm water

– Prepare a small bowl to mix the lukewarm water and pandan paste

– Steam the desiccated coconut with the salt (we will use it later)

– Mix the glutinous rice flour with the lukewarm water that is already had the pandan taste (Make sure until it’s not sticky)

– Making small balls and press it to fill each of them with a little bit brown sugar (Pinch with your fingers or use a tea spoon)

– Boil water in a pot

– Move the small balls into the pot

– When they’re floating, it’s mean they’re cooked

– Move them to the steam coconut and roll it there.

Glutinous rice balls are ready to serve.

Sorry for not displaying you with the pictures of the making process.


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  1. I’ve GOT to make these this weekend for the family! We love love LOVE rice balls of all kinds, but I’ve never made sweet rice balls! A few weeks ago I made panko encrusted cheese balls with brie cheese in the center and they vanished! Thank you for posting the recipe! SO happy I found your blog!!! ❤


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