Solo Batik Carnival X [Part 1]

Solo Batik Carnival is an annual carnival held in Solo, Central Java. This is a city where our president Mr Jokowi has became a Mayor some years ago. The carnival is always becoming a great amusement for public. The festival were not only enjoyed by the people from Solo but also from different cities in Indonesia even from international guests.




The carnival is also followed by some popular carnival in Indonesia, they are Jember Fashion Festival and Cirebon Caruban Festival. In this Solo Batik Carnival X [part 1] post, I will post the first performance from Jember Fashion Festival.




There was also a dance performance of Bedayan dance as an opening. At the first time, the Mayor of Solo city arrived by Javanese carriage. Unfortunately I couldn’t capture well the picture of Mayor Rudi. Her daughter also joined in the carnival with Defile costume.




The participants are about 355 people. The costumes are about 5 kg especially for the Jatayu ones. The participants would walk about 2 km along the Slamet Riyadi road in front of Sriwedari Stadion until Fort Vastenberg by wearing the costumes. Waow sounds full of effort!!!



I feel lucky that I can join to take pictures closely with other journalists and photographers. Thank you Larasatireyma a friend of my sister, a journalist who has helped me. So, I can share the Solo Batik Carnival X story to you through some posts about the carnival.

Thank you for enjoying this post!


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  1. Wonderful pics. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Solo. 😎

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  2. Interesting. it’s like the Indonesian version of The Rio de Janiero Carnevale. Louise

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  3. Wow, those costumes are absolutely beautiful 😍

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  4. Beautiful costumes! Looks like it would be fun to see!

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  5. The costumes are amazing and your photos showed them at their most impressive!

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