My Food Story During Holiday in Brisbane

I’m very happy in this second time I visited Brisbane. My favorite guy was spoiling me with full of delicious food that I like. I have enjoyed all of them. Usually I would not finish my food but this time, I finished all my food.

It started from Yummy Spinach and Cheese Triangle for breakfast when I just arrived. Then, nice spaghetti bolognese with mussels made by our friend in NSW. After that we ate spinach and pesto pie in the Night Cap National Park. Before hiking, we had Indian food.

My favorite guy also cooked some delicious dinner like kebab and salad, calamari and salad, steak and baked fries plus apple and cranberries pie as dessert. Then we had sushi and spring rolls for lunch.

I ate chicken dumpling noodle soups. We went to Sendok Garpu Indonesian Restaurant. We ate Tongseng kambing (lamb curry Indonesian version full of spices with cabbage) and Iga Sapi Bakar (grilled ribs). All of them are very yummy. I really appreciate my favourite guy who has kindly spoiled me. 


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  1. Wow amazing.. almost drooling now 😍

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  2. Gosh looked at these just before my lunch and goodness me my mouth is drooling now! Delicious looking food! 😀

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  3. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😛

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