Red…Red…Roses During Spring

It’s pretty beautiful around here while there are so many beautiful spring flowers start blooming. I really enjoy watching different colour of flowers. Red rose is one of my favourite flowers and they’re pretty beautiful.

I have some pictures of the beautiful flowers around garden. I would like to show you how beautiful they are. Here you are…


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  1. Yes, they are beautiful

    Thank you, Safira. for this sharing


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  2. Stunning flowers 🙂

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  3. Wonderful and such a beautiful presentation

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  4. ”So roses are still here, and there,
    And perfumed are they as well,
    Just like they were then
    When heaven, I believed, was here.”

    ”Alive are the roses, I see,
    And in full fragrance they shine
    Like roses of some younger time
    When Heaven on earth seemed to me.”

    The lyrics belong to a Romanian poet, Alexandru Macedonski. Both translations are quite poor, I believe. The second one is mine 🙂

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  5. They’re gorgeous! I for one can never have too many pictures of the flowers I’ve seen!

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