What Did I Find In The Secret Garden?

There is a secret garen at the backyard. It’s interesting to see what is in the secret garden. It started in the morning, a sunny day I walked to pass the gate of secret garden. I saw a garden! Ha Ha

I found some beautiful flowers there. It seems nice to be there sometimes. I did also walking to the walking trail and I saw a kangaroo staring at me. Ouh… Sweet… I jusst need to be careful not to be very close. I saw another kangaroos maybe they’re talking, “hey human! human!”. 

Then I saw cows after that, the wind blew strongly. I decided to come back and it’s interesting to see Secret Garden around. 


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  1. Wonderful presentation of beauty at its best, Safira. Great post.

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  2. Kangaroo in your backyard secret garden! So wonderful!

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  3. So lovely

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  4. Your garden seems to be the entire world. Like the photographs. Great post.

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  5. Were the cows hopping, like kangaroos? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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